My Top 5 Favorite Summer Trends:

Every summer, the worlds of fashion and beauty come together to brand the go-to look of the summer. To me, at least, every summer seems to have its own distinct look and vibe. For summer of 2012 was full of pastels while summer of 2016 was all about bright patterns and glowing skin. I never am one to follow a trend to the tee; I like to wear and do what works best for me (I’ll never let go of my pastels).

Anyways, here are 5 standout trends that I have found to be super complementary and popular this summer, so far.


1. Simple one piece bathing suits

I used to envy anyone who could pull off a one piece. After one failed dressing room attempt I trashed the idea altogether. This summer, however, I decided to give it another try and bought a simple black one piece bathing suit from Pacsun (on sale!). I opted for a simple black, but there are so many different playful styles and patterns on display this season, so go crazy!

Get a similar look  here

2. Dainty Straw Purses 

After taking note from many of the fashion blogs I follow, as well as seeing others on the street, I’ve seen many people with the cutest little straw bags, not your typical tote. More like a mini cross body basket, if that even makes sense. I have yet to take part in this trend, but hopefully I can soon. Straw bags are perfect for all times of the day. Pair it with a light off-the-shoulder dress during the day and carry that look into the night with some simple wedge sandals.

Get the look here



3. Unexpected Pops of Color 

You can literally do this with anything: shoes, purses, belts, makeup, or jewelry. Make it your own. My style usually consists of primarily monochromatic tones and I like to throw in a pop of color whether it be a pair on neon purple heels, or a bright beaded bracelet.

Playful shoes 

Beaded belt

Bracelets here and here

4. Beach Scents 

This has been one of my favorite tricks for a few years now. Since then, multiple brands have come out with their own take on the classic sun-kissed, beach bum fragrance. I personally cannot get enough of such beach perfumes, even during the rest of the year. Smelling these perfumes instantly brings me back to the beach. Who does’t love that?

Rollerballs here and here

Beach oil

5. Sunset Eyes

I’ve rarely worn makeup this summer, mostly because I tend to stay in bed until the last possible second before I have to get up and go to work. I also rarely experiment with eye shadow because it usually ends up looking all smudgy and muddled. But, I want to change my ways and this summer I’ve seen a lot of uncommon colors being used as eyeshadow. Mostly warm tones– oranges, reds, deep pinks— very sunset-like. Colors like those seem unexpected to me, but I love the way people have styled them.

The most beautiful, universal, perfect palette here




x Kaitlin

(images are not my own)

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