Favorite Places: Colorado

This weekend I was lucky enough to visit family in Aspen and ski for a a few days. By far, Colorado is one of my all-time favorite states to travel to. It’s exquisitely beautiful and majestic, while also feeling quaint.

One you visit, you’ll instantly fall in love. It all starts when you see it for the fist time. There’s this feeling that you get while you’re riding the ski lift. When you look back behind you and there you are instantly awestruck by the vastness of the Rocky Mountains and the untapped beauty that is humbly sitting before your eyes. This may seem like exaggerated praise, but the feelings are very much real. There’s truly nothing like this view, or at least out of anything I’ve witnessed.

We spent most of our time in Snowmass, which is much larger and more diverse than Aspen Mountain I would say, but they’re both incredible. The weather was warm enough to ski down with an unzipped jacket and the conditions were perfect. I definitely want to escape to Snowmass in the near future to continue to explore the different peaks and trails that this mountain has to offer.

If you go anywhere in Colorado, to ski that is, head over to my OG favorite, Beaver Creek Mountain (in the Vail area), or continue onto Snowmass/Aspen. Either will not disappoint. Just don’t forget the sunscreen!

Have a wonderful week loves,

Kaitlin x



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