Brunch of Champions

Brunch is probably my favorite meal… you get to sleep in, the food choices are unique and delicious, and it’s the perfect way to spend a Saturday or Sunday morning. Eventually I would like to compile both my favorite brunch spots in New York and LA. I seriously have passion for trying new places and giving people recommendations. My goal seems as though I would like to become walking Zagat book.

Anyways, this past Sunday I went for my first brunch since coming to USC (exactly three months to this day), which should be considered a crime in LA… right?

We decided to try out Zinc in the arts district of DTLA and it was incredible. There was not an item on the menu that didn’t sound delicious, which is why I will be returning back here often. It was just wonderful and I highly recommend!

Also, I am super excited to be retiring back for to NY in almost 6 days!

Happy (early) Thanksgiving loves,

x Kaitlinimg_6449img_6454img_6453

Thursday at Jon Bellion

This past Thursday I went back to the Wiltern to see Jon Bellion along with two of my roommates. And when I say this concert was absolutely mind-blowing, I am not exaggerating because it was  beautiful and full of passion and soul. Just incredible.

This show was a part of his Human Condition Tour and he performed multiple songs from that album, including some of my favorites like “All time Low,” “80’s Films,” “Maybe IDK,” and “Guillotine” with Travis Mendes, along with several others. And the best part of the show was that each song was performed with just sheer passion for music and life, which sounds super cliche, but there’s really no other way to describe it.

Bellion is also a fellow Long Island native, so seeing him succeed and perform with such talent makes me even more proud to be from Long Island. He represents us well. Oh and I forgot to mention, he literally brought out Logic during his encore set. LOGIC. The crowd obviously went crazy (myself included). Meanwhile THE Ansel Elgort was clearly enjoying the show standing behind us in the sound booth. My only question at that point was “what is my life?”

I don’t have a wide selection of pictures, which just goes to show you how much I enjoyed this show. I highly recommend to anyone to go out and see his show. Not only to witness great music, but also to appreciate his pure talent and passion for what he does.


x Kaitlin

P.S. It’s time to make history… I don’t want to get too political, but go out and make a difference… VOTE! img_6284img_6315img_6320img_6331