The Best Birthday Weekend

I made it everyone… I’m finally an adult. I’ve basically have always been the youngest one out of all of my friends, which has been good and bad. Last to get my permit, take my road test, but 17 year olds can still get into LACMA for free, which is pretty cool.

My birthday just happened to fall on the same weekend as family weekend, which was convenient for my parents, who came out from NY to celebrate. I was so happy to spend time with them, get dinners, attend my presents ceremony, and go to a football game all together for the weekend of my 18th birthday. It was really special for this all to happen at the same time, especially because it was my first year here .

I was also reunited with Brandon, who I hadn’t seen for almost two (very long) months. While it did feel the time flew since the last time I had seen him, at the same time it felt like the longest time. Being able to see him was just incredible and it was a day I had constantly thought about, but didn’t know if it would happen as soon as it did. And then I saw him again and I was the happiest person ever. And I’m so grateful that he was able to spend my birthday with me and see USC. So… thank you Brandon… very, very, very much.

Overall, it was just a really wonderful and happy time and I’m just so thankful to everyone, including my AMAZING roommates who selflessly gave me the most thoughtful gifts and  made the entire weekend unforgettable and just perfect.

Now I’m excited for a relaxing week and time to regroup after midterms and look for new opportunities to chase after for next semester and after. I’m also beyond excited to be traveling to Boston next weekend (EAST COAST!!!!!) to visit B and for some more pictures to come. In the meantime, here are my favorite pictures from this past weekend.

Enjoy the weekend,

x Kaitlin

Treating myself to Bottega Louie
Rachel sending me Cupcakes (and mini macarons) to make my entire life
Starbucks is in on the “bub” thing too.
Love you and fight on!
Venice sunsets
True Love tho
Reunited with my love

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