Where to eat in LA: Grand Central Market

I feel like the selection of GCM is so extensive and amazing that I will have to do multiple installments of my adventures there. For those who don’t know about GCM, you should. It’s comparable to Chelsea Market in NYC I would say, but with a different layout. Basically, there are a ton of different vendors and they all serve super authentic and delicious food.

It’s the perfect plan to go to especially if you are in a big group because there are so many different options to choose from and at really inexpensive prices for the most part, so everyone will be happy with their choices.

Places we tried (and recommend):

  • Bel Campo
  • Sticky Rice
  • Press Brothers Juicery

Still on the list:

  • Eggslut
  • McConnell’s Ice Cream (Churro Sundae though)
  • La Tostaderia
  • Ramen Hood
  • Valerie Bakery

Enjoy the week…





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