Chance at the Greek Theater: 9/17

Seeing Chance Saturday was truly magical– definitely one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. You honestly don’t have to be a fan of Chance or know any of his music to enjoy his concert. I seriously recommend this concert for anyone. He’s an excellent performer: soulful, meaningful, and he’s just so happy making music that it makes the entire audience happy too.

I seriously respect him as both an artist and a person. His message is clear: making music for everyone to enjoy and to just spread love. He’s doing it all without a label too. His most recent album, Coloring Book (which he performed in its entirely), has been universally acclaimed throughout the industry and is on track for grammy noms, which in his case is especially remarkable.

If you’re new to his music, or just want to listen, I would say these two verses truly testify to his talent: the second verse of “Finish Line,” and his featuring in Kanye West’s “Ultralight Beam.” Seriously you have to listen to them, right now… do it.

First concert in LA = Success 🙂

Enjoy the week loves,

x Kaitlin img_5353img_5356img_5382img_5399img_5429img_5435

“Same Drugs” is unreal live.


My First Month at SC:


I cannot believe that it’s already been a month since move in day. Part of me feels like I’ve been here of for so much longer than that, but another part of me is still probably in denial. Here are some worthwhile updates from my first month at SC…

First (besides the drizzle on Tuesday, which we won’t discuss), I really don’t remember the last time I saw rain. Like actual rain as opposed to LA rain. When I saw it  drizzling the other day, I was very confused and my thought was: “yeah I didn’t sign up for this.” I actually love rain storms, and I miss them, but I’m not complaining about the sunny weather either.

Second, I realized that although life in LA is amazing and I mean actually amazing, I miss so many people. My family, friends, my love (who, update, is killing it 24/7). I walk around and see things and I’m reminded of everyone, and I want to share them with the people I love. And in three weeks, I will be able to do just that.

Third, the food here is actually incredible. From the burritos, “Cream” ice cream sandwiches, Lemonade, and just everything else… and it’s all so close, sadly not that inexpensive. I’ve also found that kale and quinoa have become my staples as well as banana bread (Hi, B). I’m also extremely thankful that we live across from the gym and for having a bike.

Fourth, having a bike essentially has changed my life. I’ve mentioned it before, but don’t multitask while bike riding… it doesn’t end well (i.e my phone). I definitely recommend a bike for those who like to sleep, but still like to be on time. It’s a life saver.

Fifth, everything takes time. Whether it be adjusting to a new time zone or just a new city, or finding your interests, or finding organizations to get involved with. And we should all be happy with where we are. My professor gave our lecture this speech on Tuesday that really meant a lot to me, especially because at the time I just felt confused and nervous and unsure of the future. And the fact is this: you don’t know what your life is going to be like in 5 much less 10 years, which is totally okay and that’s the beauty of it all. If we all knew where we would end up, then what would even be the point. The key is to surround yourself with people you love no matter where they are (I’ve also learned that distance has nothing on true love), because it all works out. Some things are just meant to be.

So, tonight as an unofficial way to celebrate one month here I’m going to see Chance the Rapper (pictures to come of course). I’m so beyond excited about this, so yeah. The idea is to enjoy life and enjoy where you’re at and be excited for all that is to come.

Enjoy the weekend loves,

Kaitlin x

Weekend Recap:

This weekend was hectic and crazy, but I can honestly say I loved every second of it. From the first game day (6am tailgating), to vintage shopping on Melrose, and eating at Urth, it was a solid weekend with some wonderful people. Now it’s time for monday again. Have a great week loves…

x Kaitlin

… and an unhealthy addiction to online shopping.
game day game day game day


How I Found USC (literally):


If I am going to be honest, I don’t think I really knew what USC was until my junior year of high school. Since I was in middle school, I thought I was going to go to Boston College. It got to the point where it was how I would motivate myself to do well in school, telling myself that this is what I was working for. And it did work. I ended up getting into BC, and I cried hysterically when I read that email because it was as if everything I had worked so hard for had been noticed and vindicated.

You’re probably wondering why I didn’t go there, and how I decided to go to USC, and how I just happened to stumble upon it one day. It’s a funny story. It really is…

From the first time I ever went to California with my family, I just instantly fell in love: with the food, the weather, the beach,  the overall positive vibe and the beautiful views of course. And when I was still on the flight to LAX I made a list of all of the places I had heard about and wanted to try– “In n Out,” “Urth,” and “Lemonade.”

In n Out was the first stop on our trip and has become a mandatory tradition since then. Another place that was life changing happened to be Lemonade. Now we were staying in Laguna Beach (about an hour or more south of LA) and most of these restaurants were in the LA area, but I was determined to visit a majority of them.

I ended up on the Lemonade Website and was searching through the store locations only to find one close enough to us, which was in Newport Beach. Next though I noticed on of the locations was at LAX and right under that, USC. I vaguely remember ever hearing about USC prior to finding it that day, so I researched it for the remainder of that day to learn more about it. After that I told myself, “this, this is where I belong.” So, I spent my junior and senior years working extra hard: taking a plethora of  SATS and ACTS, and a very undesirable amount of APs, all with USC and BC on my mind, but thats besides the point. The point is that I found the school that I now attend on the Lemonade website, and yes I have been to the one on campus and yes so should you.

x Kaitlin

P.S. get the blood orange flavor, 🙂 .

Where to eat in LA: Grand Central Market

I feel like the selection of GCM is so extensive and amazing that I will have to do multiple installments of my adventures there. For those who don’t know about GCM, you should. It’s comparable to Chelsea Market in NYC I would say, but with a different layout. Basically, there are a ton of different vendors and they all serve super authentic and delicious food.

It’s the perfect plan to go to especially if you are in a big group because there are so many different options to choose from and at really inexpensive prices for the most part, so everyone will be happy with their choices.

Places we tried (and recommend):

  • Bel Campo
  • Sticky Rice
  • Press Brothers Juicery

Still on the list:

  • Eggslut
  • McConnell’s Ice Cream (Churro Sundae though)
  • La Tostaderia
  • Ramen Hood
  • Valerie Bakery

Enjoy the week…





Santa Monica:

Labor day weekends are great period. Labor day weekends with your roommates, in Santa Monica, are even better (think of 8 girls running all over the beach with cameras). It was a very successful day for us though. I had not one, but TWO pitaya bowls, we discovered the most amazing Brandy Melville on the west coast, and figured out how to use the metro.

P.S. I need to give all of my photo credits to my beautiful ( and incredibly photographically talented) roommates: Taylor Hanson and Alexa Rumberg. Shout out also to my love love loves Paige and Najah for celebrating Beyonce’s birthday with me today.