The Start of D.O.T.S:

It took me exactly five years to finally think of the perfect name for a blog. I had always wanted to start one, but I needed a name, THE name. I had made multiple sites that were never really up to par, which is why they’re inactive now. The idea to call my blog “Dressing on the Side” came to me while I was eating with friends at an amazing restaurant called Chop’t. My best friend (shoutout to Laur, hi) wanted her dressing on the side, which didn’t happen, and when she said that somehow the name just clicked and thus, D.O.T.S was born. That was back in May and I’ve finally, after multiple attempts, started it.

I’m currently a Business/ I.R student at the University of Southern California about to start my first day of classes tomorrow. Great. Start my global empire the day before I start my first day of college classes. There was sarcasm in that of course, but I hope that I can really make this into something I’m proud of. Expect a variety of content from fashion, food, travel, to just everyday life in LA.

I never mentioned it, but I’m Katie, from New York and recently transplanted to LA and this is D.O.T.S, welcome.

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