Met Gala 2017: Told through Memes

Instead of adding to the plethora of the traditional best dressed lists, articles, and summaries that follow the Met Gala each year, I thought it would be fun to document some of my favorite memes (sourced from Twitter) from the night. I found some of these more interesting than some of the looks I saw tonight (excluding Rih of course) and some even made me laugh out loud (and no, I am not procrastinating studying right now).

Just a disclaimer, none of these tweets are mine and they were not written by me. I’m not this funny, on Twitter :).

Have a wonderful week!

Kaitlin x

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Alexander Wang will now forever be known as “Alex Wang”

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Thoughts on Losing Passion in College

Seen in Santa Monica

I was in a club meeting the other day and there we got a chance to talk to different upperclassmen and compare our college experiences thus far. While in conversation, the question was asked, “What are you most passionate about?” Immediately what seemed like a million thoughts rushed into my head, ultimately trying to figure out what I was surely most passionate about.

The answer of one girl in my group, a senior, truly struck me though. She felt like throughout her time in college a lot of what she was passionate about prior had succumbed to the tradeoff we often make between academics and leisure. I started to think to myself after that and I found  I had also forgone many of my passions I once was defined by prior to coming to USC– track, reading, etc.

Now, as a busy student I definitely am guilty of abstaining from fun activities and adventures in order to focus on studying and finishing assignments. I find that most of the time I only plan my days around what homework I have to finish and the next exam I have to study for instead of allocating time to relax and refocus on what I feel is most important. In high school, I oftentimes made time for myself either to paint, read, write, explore, and just get lost in my passions. Now I find I can’t even keep up with current events or who’s putting out new music etc. And while school is important, I don’t think it should consume us.

Nowadays we are all so focused grades and living up to preset standards. And now this may be pretty cliche, but that shouldn’t always have to be the case. To be honest in high school I hated this concept and rarely did I ever focus on where my so-called “stats” stood in relation to everyone else because it does’t matter. At all. Since then I’ve learned that I would enjoy life more if I set my own standards. That concept is kind of what I had in mind when I initially came up with the idea and why I started writing on DOTS. It more than just merely an escape or a diary, I have now realized that it has served as a way for me to both maintain, communicate, and expand my passions, amongst the stress of college. I wanted this blog to become that for me and hopefully others as well. Namely a safe haven for my interests and maybe a potentially growing opportunity for me to pursue in the future.

I tend to dream big (again with the cliches), and that means I dream big in terms of my blog. I dream crazy visions of this becoming my own business one day, still with the same intended purpose, bringing light to stressful times. And I hope that won’t ever change, in fact I promise  it won’t. I don’t want to measure my success with DOTS in terms of numbers, sure stats and likes on posts are exciting, but to me DOTS will always be the idea I came up with in a salad shop and that I talked up with my closest friends over the summer and what is now, I like to call my humble empire.

What started as a discussion on passion turned into me seemingly solidifying my intentions and dreams for this blog and hopefully a friendly reminder to take a break from the rigor we constantly immerse ourselves in order to appreciate why we do what we do. Do what what you do with passion or don’t do it at all.

Have a wonderful week,

x Kaitlin

My Favorite Hair Salon in LA

Yesterday’s Haircut

It may sound silly to say, but it is very important to find a trustworthy and reliable hair salon, something which I lacked upon moving to LA. Eventually, after sifting through piles of Yelp reviews I stumbled upon my new favorite place, The Hair Parlor on 8th.

I first went to the Hair Parlor on 8th back in September to get a much-needed hair cut, and since then I find that I am reluctant to go anywhere else. Apart from the amazing results, I really just feel in love with the whole art deco-esque atmosphere there. It’s the sweetest little place just blocks away from Los Angeles’s Miracle Mile and Museum Row.

Most importantly, however, what ultimately made me want to keep coming back was my first and now reoccurring stylist, Amanda. It turns out we both had moved to LA from New York on the same exact day back in August and it was really comforting to have met her especially when I first moved out here. What struck me the most was that a few days after my first visit, I received a postcard in the mail from her thanking me for coming in and celebrating our East Coast Bond. That gesture alone was so incredibly sweet and meaningful to me.

If you’re in need of a salon or just want to venture somewhere new, I highly recommend the Hair Parlor on 8th.

Have a wonderful Sunday,

x Kaitlin

Favorite Places: Colorado

This weekend I was lucky enough to visit family in Aspen and ski for a a few days. By far, Colorado is one of my all-time favorite states to travel to. It’s exquisitely beautiful and majestic, while also feeling quaint.

One you visit, you’ll instantly fall in love. It all starts when you see it for the fist time. There’s this feeling that you get while you’re riding the ski lift. When you look back behind you and there you are instantly awestruck by the vastness of the Rocky Mountains and the untapped beauty that is humbly sitting before your eyes. This may seem like exaggerated praise, but the feelings are very much real. There’s truly nothing like this view, or at least out of anything I’ve witnessed.

We spent most of our time in Snowmass, which is much larger and more diverse than Aspen Mountain I would say, but they’re both incredible. The weather was warm enough to ski down with an unzipped jacket and the conditions were perfect. I definitely want to escape to Snowmass in the near future to continue to explore the different peaks and trails that this mountain has to offer.

If you go anywhere in Colorado, to ski that is, head over to my OG favorite, Beaver Creek Mountain (in the Vail area), or continue onto Snowmass/Aspen. Either will not disappoint. Just don’t forget the sunscreen!

Have a wonderful week loves,

Kaitlin x



Brunch of Champions

Brunch is probably my favorite meal… you get to sleep in, the food choices are unique and delicious, and it’s the perfect way to spend a Saturday or Sunday morning. Eventually I would like to compile both my favorite brunch spots in New York and LA. I seriously have passion for trying new places and giving people recommendations. My goal seems as though I would like to become walking Zagat book.

Anyways, this past Sunday I went for my first brunch since coming to USC (exactly three months to this day), which should be considered a crime in LA… right?

We decided to try out Zinc in the arts district of DTLA and it was incredible. There was not an item on the menu that didn’t sound delicious, which is why I will be returning back here often. It was just wonderful and I highly recommend!

Also, I am super excited to be retiring back for to NY in almost 6 days!

Happy (early) Thanksgiving loves,

x Kaitlinimg_6449img_6454img_6453

Thursday at Jon Bellion

This past Thursday I went back to the Wiltern to see Jon Bellion along with two of my roommates. And when I say this concert was absolutely mind-blowing, I am not exaggerating because it was  beautiful and full of passion and soul. Just incredible.

This show was a part of his Human Condition Tour and he performed multiple songs from that album, including some of my favorites like “All time Low,” “80’s Films,” “Maybe IDK,” and “Guillotine” with Travis Mendes, along with several others. And the best part of the show was that each song was performed with just sheer passion for music and life, which sounds super cliche, but there’s really no other way to describe it.

Bellion is also a fellow Long Island native, so seeing him succeed and perform with such talent makes me even more proud to be from Long Island. He represents us well. Oh and I forgot to mention, he literally brought out Logic during his encore set. LOGIC. The crowd obviously went crazy (myself included). Meanwhile THE Ansel Elgort was clearly enjoying the show standing behind us in the sound booth. My only question at that point was “what is my life?”

I don’t have a wide selection of pictures, which just goes to show you how much I enjoyed this show. I highly recommend to anyone to go out and see his show. Not only to witness great music, but also to appreciate his pure talent and passion for what he does.


x Kaitlin

P.S. It’s time to make history… I don’t want to get too political, but go out and make a difference… VOTE! img_6284img_6315img_6320img_6331

My Room

I’ve debated about doing this post for a while now, but I’ve decided to share it now. I’ve always loved decorating, which I probably get from my mom who does this for a living. But, I just love decorating with pieces that are memorable and pretty, so as a result my style can sometimes look cluttered, pretty clutter that is.

When I decorated my room at home, I spent a lot of time going to antique stores near my house to find things to decorate my shelves with. I also found a ton of books as well (mostly about Paris, Audrey Hepburn, and Jane Austen novels). So, my shelves at home are primarily books (that I have read), photos, and antique bowls/ perfume bottles. And, I wanted to translate that vibe to my room here in LA. I took many pieces from my room at home and I picked up a few new ones along the way. I made sure to bring some of my favorite books and pictures to make it  feel somewhat like home.

So here are a few pictures from my dorm room here at USC… Enjoy!

Enjoy the week and stay healthy friends 🙂 ,

x Kaitlin

Blankets from home for an overly comfortable bed
Favorite place on earth making an appearance


(Pretty) clutter


Necessary Paris Map + Polaroids


LACMA (round 1)

My first time visiting LACMA was brief, but wonderful. I hope to visit more as the year goes on… it’s definitely a must. They have a vast collection of pieces and a myriad of different styles of artwork from a variety of periods as well. It’s definitely a place to devote  a large portion of the day to… it’s also extremely photogenic (!!!!!).

We spent a short amount of time here (we all had class around 3:30) before stopping for a quick lunch at Mendocino Farms– they have multiple locations here in LA, but we chose the location closest to where we were (the Grove) and it was wonderful.

As always, here are a few pictures from my first visit:

x Kaitlin


Moment of zen


Mendocino Farms (another must)

Chance at the Greek Theater: 9/17

Seeing Chance Saturday was truly magical– definitely one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. You honestly don’t have to be a fan of Chance or know any of his music to enjoy his concert. I seriously recommend this concert for anyone. He’s an excellent performer: soulful, meaningful, and he’s just so happy making music that it makes the entire audience happy too.

I seriously respect him as both an artist and a person. His message is clear: making music for everyone to enjoy and to just spread love. He’s doing it all without a label too. His most recent album, Coloring Book (which he performed in its entirely), has been universally acclaimed throughout the industry and is on track for grammy noms, which in his case is especially remarkable.

If you’re new to his music, or just want to listen, I would say these two verses truly testify to his talent: the second verse of “Finish Line,” and his featuring in Kanye West’s “Ultralight Beam.” Seriously you have to listen to them, right now… do it.

First concert in LA = Success 🙂

Enjoy the week loves,

x Kaitlin img_5353img_5356img_5382img_5399img_5429img_5435

“Same Drugs” is unreal live.